Our services offers a convenient, simple and affordable way to digitize all of your non-digital photos and put them on DVD.  If you look at all the possible ways of doing this including: doing it yourself, sending your pictures away, and bringing them to a photographer, you will find this option to be by far the best option.  Our service is the easiest and safest option for you and your precious memories.  We bring our equipment to your kitchen table and scan your photos with you.  All other companies require you send your photos via the mail or bring them to a retail store.  Our average customer values their photos too much to risk sending them in the mail or letting them leave their sight.  We are unique in providing a solution that comes onsite to you.

Our pricing model is set up very simple so that from the start to the end you know exactly what it will cost you.  Most other services charge extra to touch up the photos, extra for rotation/cropping, extra to design the DVD, extra to burn each copy of the DVD.  Other services charge you by the hour and force you to be very well organized not to lose money.  Also, since they are not onsite, you have no way of knowing how many “true” hours they put in on your project. Once again, with our service it is very clear the cost by charging a simple per picture price.

Some of our clients own a scanner and have tried to do this project by themselves.  This is not easy to do correctly without scalable hardware and without sufficient training in advanced imaging software.  Personal scanners could be used to do what we do for the input but it would take you probably close to ten times longer.  On average, we scan over one hundred photos per hour and have the capacity to scan a couple hundred photos per hour.  Each of our photos is individually touched up.  This includes making adjustments for the lighting, contrast, brightness as well as cropping, despeckle and rotation.  After all of the above process there are many other steps including DVD authoring.  This process involves grouping the pictures into a menu system.  This enables you to use your DVD player/remote to navigate through the DVD and jump directly to a specific directory of photos and the corresponding slide show.  We also have generated templates for graphics including backgrounds, buttons and title slides which are leveraged for optimal organization of your DVD.  Using our service will ensure that your photos are scanned correctly and a finished output is produced, which is a stage that very few people can reach by themselves.

We are so confident in our prices and our quality of services that we will list our competitors on this site and challenge you to send us links to any other competitors that offer similar services.  Please look at these links, which are your alternative, and you will see why we are your preferred solution.  Please note the prices, timing, shipping charges, submission of photos process and the surcharges for additional features that are included with our model.