Here are 3 competitors. This will prove why we are better value and a higher quality service.

1. This site charges $1.99 per photo. Not only is this site 4 times the price but it doesn’t offer you nearly as much as we do as far as a complete service. They are void of touch up information as well as final output of a DVD.

2. This site is very detailed in the costing. This site was one of the primary reason we have a simple cost model. This site not only has a complicated calculator for costs, but ends up being twice as expensive as our model and not only does it require you to send in the photos by the mail, but it charges extra for: each copy of the DVD, creating the slideshows, adding the music, shipping the final product back to you.

3. This site wants to charge you double the cost of scanning the photos to put them on DVD for you. This site at least offers similar touch up programs to what we offer. NOTICE: no mention anywhere on their site about how you have to send in your photos. They obviously don’t want you to think too much about it, but imagine they scratch, ruin, or even lose your photos. They make no mention of how many different people will deal with your photos. Is that what you want?